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Despite the arrival of such benchmarks of gentrification as cheesy reality shows and pot delivery services, the District remains a place where you could be stabbed at dinner. Today, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board will conduct a fact-finding hearing regarding a July 31 brawl between four men (two against two) at Gloria’s Restaurant and Carryout at 14th and Monroe streets NW, in Columbia Heights.

Witnesses told investigators that at about 8 p.m., after downing a few beers, the men got into an argument, and took their disagreement outside. During the fight, one of the men was stabbed and another clubbed with a bottle.

Though the establishment might have attracted bloodshed, it may be in more trouble for attracting extra customers. While liquor cops were investigating the violence, they noticed the establishment had too many tables and chairs for its license. The restaurant has “increased its occupancy from nine to 24 seats without the Board’s approval,” liquor cops complained.

At a time when Columbia Heights is looking more and more idyllic, beer-soaked violence and code violations would seem to detract from that. But then, putting a new microbrewery in the hood will likely be a cure-all!