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Yes We Can (Beg for Endorsements): Mayor Adrian Fenty takes it upon himself to leak word that he’s asked President Barack Obama for an endorsement in Tuesday’s election. Which is a strange strategy in a race polls show Fenty is likely to lose to D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray; Obama has enough political problems without weighing in on the losing side of a Democratic primary in the District. All Fenty’s likely to get from the tactic is an increased sense that his campaign is desperate, and also a demonstration that he doesn’t have that much clout with the White House. Of course, if he does get the Obama endorsement, that’ll be the surest sign yet that White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has one foot already in the door of Chicago’s city hall. -3

Monumental WiFi: Dreams have finally come true for anyone who always wondered why they couldn’t get a reliable, free wireless Internet network while riding the carousel in front of the Smithsonian Castle. (All four of those people.) Public WiFi has come to the Mall. A stretch from 3rd Street to 14th Street will be covered by the network, which District and federal officials have been plotting since 2005. Now, when lost families from the Midwest ask for directions to the Washington Monument, you can first berate them for not looking it up on their iPad, and only then berate them for asking how to get to the building that’s directly in front of them. +4

Chill, Washington: Evidently D.C. is only the 15th most-stressed city in the nation, according to the latest completely unscientific list to hit the newsstands. (And here at the Needle, we know from completely unscientific.) More stressed than we are: Detroit; Los Angeles; Cleveland; Riverside, Calif.; and St. Louis, among others. Less stressed: Austin; Raleigh, N.C.; Minneapolis-St. Paul; Virginia Beach-Norfolk; and Salt Lake City. We tried to figure out the criteria used for the list, but it was too stressful. +2

Virginia is for Drinkers: Just across the Potomac, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has a plan. That plan involves booze, and lots of it. The commonwealth would open liquor sales to more than 1,000 new establishments, mostly grocery and convenience stores that already sell beer and wine. The idea is to boost revenues, lower prices, and—most importantly—expand access to alcohol for all. Which is great, but do keep in mind: that drunk guy lingering by the Old Granddad whiskey bottles? He’s probably carrying a concealed weapon. It’s Virginia, after all. +3

Doors Closing: Holiday weekends are so nice—three days off from work, the city a little emptier than usual, special events on Sunday nights. And now, apparently, the new D.C. tradition? Metro stations closed. After shutting five Red Line stations over Labor Day, Metro announced today they’ll close McPherson Square and Farragut West on the Blue and Orange lines over Columbus Day. Fortunately for any tourists visiting the District then, McPherson Square isn’t located particularly close to any large white executive mansions. -4

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