An apparent drunk driver hit two pedestrians and crashed into a restaurant that borders the complex intersection of Florida Avenue and 18th and U streets NW. The driver, 23-year-old Chamica Adams from Mitchellville, Md., has been charged with aggravated assault and DWI in last night’s incident.

The intersection is a notorious tangle located on the boundary of the original L’Enfant city, and can be confusing to drivers. Two traffic islands make traversing the area as a pedestrian difficult.

It will, however, be reworked as part of an Adams Morgan-area streetscaping project, focusing on 18th Street NW between Florida Avenue and Columbia Road. A Greater Greater Washington post from 2009 details the specific plans for the 18th and Florida intersection:

“The plan will also improve the intersection of Florida Avenue and 18th Street, where pedestrians on the east side of 18th have to cross three separate roadways and where cars race through in many different directions. The current plan consolidates the two islands into one, larger island. Southbound traffic on 18th will have to continue farther south to turn left onto U or Florida instead of swinging through the existing slip lane.”

Though the streetscape construction will inconvenience local businesses for up to 24 months, Wednesday night’s accident emphasizes the necessity of an improved intersection at 18th and Florida. Adams Morgan, a popular late-night destination, is rarely devoid of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.