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Dallas Sucks: Redskins beat Cowboys, 13-7, at FedEx Field, thanks mostly to Dallas penalties and fumbles that would get a kid benched in Pop Warner games. One game in, Mike Shanahan‘s crew already has 25 percent of the victories that Jim Zorn‘s team managed last year. Sadly, Dan Snyder still owns the team, which puts natural limits on any fan’s optimism. But hey, we’re undefeated! +4

What’s In Your Wallet?: One of the D.C. area’s best-known brands, Chevy Chase Bank, is gobbled up once and for all by Capital One, the subprime credit card behemoth that purchased Chevy Chase last year. Bank branches that closed on Friday as Chevy Chase outposts opened today as Capital One. Non-natives of the region used to sometimes wonder how that comedian from Saturday Night Live got his own bank, but in its day, Chevy Chase was as much a fixture in many Washingtonians’ daily commerce as Giant Food (now owned by a Dutch multinational), Hechinger (gone under) or Hot Shoppes (now just another defunct brand owned by Marriott). Note: This item has now used up the entire year’s quota of nostalgia for one large, rich corporation that’s been acquired by another. 3

Metro Ready for U Street Sale: When Metro dug the Green Line along U Street in the 1990s, the construction project nearly killed commercial life on the corridor. Apparently, in the process, the transit agency got hold of 28,000 square feet near the south entrance to the U Street/Cardozo stop, which officials now plan to sell through a competitive bidding process. Developer LaKritz Adler has already submitted a plan for a hotel and conference center to serve nearby Howard University. Presumably, the proposal includes requirements that escalators break down at random intervals in order to make it fit in better with Metro’s existing service. +2

The Dismemberment Plan is Reunited: Hometown faves the Dismemberment Plan last played together three years ago at a City Paper-sponsored two-night stand at the Black Cat, but otherwise the band has been quiet since breaking up in 2003. Well, no longer must you do the standing still: The group is reuniting for five shows this January. If you lived in D.C. between the mid-‘90s and the early oughts and fall into a certain demographic—that’d be the genre-hopping, R&B-loving, hard-dancing indie-spazz set—then you know no band puts on a live show as ecstatic as D-Plan’s. The reunion begs two questions: How quickly will the shows—Jan. 21 at the Black Cat, Jan. 22 at 9:30 Club—sell out? (Black Cat tix go on sale Friday.) And will frontman Travis Morrison still be wearing the same sweat-soaked button-down shirt he’s donned for shows since time immemorial? The answers: within minutes, and no doubt. +3

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