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On his campaign website Del. Michael Vaughn told voters he “played professional football for the Dallas Cowboys for 3 years.” In reality, the incumbent Democrat from the 24th District of the Maryland House of Delegates never played a single down with the Cowboys.

But when an exclusive investigation by Cheap Seats Daily’s one-man I-Team (slogan: “There is an ‘I” in ‘I-Team'”!) uncovered the shocking truth about his Cowboys non-career, Vaughn first blamed the bogosity on his “webmaster,” then told reporters following up on the incorrectitudes that he’d also played for the New Orleans Saints and the New Jersey Generals.

There is just as much evidence that he played for those teams as there is that he played for the Cowboys.

In other, um, word: None.

But voters in the 24th District, a jurisdiction that includes FedExField, the Home of the Washington Redskins, didn’t hold the 0-3 record with football boasts against Vaughn.

On Democratic Party Primary Day, Vaughn got 20.52 percent of the vote, good for second place in the field of 10 wannabe delegates. The top three votegetters in the primary move on to the bonus round on Election Day in November. Given the heavy Dem concentration in the district, qualifying for the general election means Vaughn is all but assured of retaining his seat.

“My credibility is all I have,” Vaughn told the Gazette newspapers after the I-Team investigation. Well, your credibility AND your 3-year run with the Dallas Cowboys.