So the new lion cubs at the Smithsonian Zoo are pretty damn cute. Look at that cub. Did your ovaries explode?

But when we express our extreme love of the lion cub photos, our creepy baby-animal obsession stops there. Apparently for many of the Zoo’s super fans, that is totally not the case. Some of the zoo’s lion keepers and curators are hosting a chat right now following the cubs’ vet checkup. Sure, they are talking about some interesting lion facts, but what we found most fascinating was this totally unofficial, but amazing poll regarding their live lion cam habits:

That’s right, folks. The poll shows 67 percent of people in this chat are watching the lion cam for more than two hours A DAY. DON’T THESE PEOPLE HAVE LIVES?! And 12 percent of these people are watching it at least six hours a day! What? They are baby animals that sleep and wobble and hit up the lion boob bar all day.

Back here in the real world where we have things to do outside of staring at caged animals online, we’ll take pleasure in the adorable photos instead. But if you want to join the crazy masses drooling over said web cam, check it out here. And if this post has to yearning for more baby goodness, check out the Zoo’s cub checkup slideshow.

*Photos courtesy of the Smithsonian Zoo