Sam Huff is the best reason to listen to Redskins radio broadcasts. The Hall of Fame linebacker and Redskins/Giant legend, who has been handling Skins games for about 30 years, has seemed wobbly in the booth for a while.

But by now that wobbliness has reached a level of consistency that makes the audience stay tuned so as not to miss whatever wackiness will come next.

He’s thrown so much crazy stuff out there this year,  partners Larry Michael and Sonny Jurgensen have to be on clean-up alert whenever their beloved cohort’s microphone is on. During an exhibition game against Baltimore, for example, the refs dropped a penalty flag as the Ravens offense was approaching the line of scrimmage.

“Its gotta be holding!” said Huff. Michael and Jurgensen pointed out the ball hadn’t been snapped.

That’s carried over to the real games. After Houston Texans’ punter Matt Turk booted the ball into the end zone in overtime of yesterday’s game, Huff offered: “Matt Turk….I think he used to play for the Giants.”

“He played for the Redskins!” yelled Michael and Jurgensen.

“I knew the name from somewhere,” said Huff.

And as placekicker Graham Gano lined up to attempt a long field goal to win in overtime, Huff took the opportunity to ask, “If he misses, do they call the game?”

Michael and Jurgensen told him: No, they keep playing.

Huff, who turns 76 next week, was made iconic by a 1960 CBS documentary called “The Violent World of Sam Huff,” and played in just one overtime game during his career. But it’s the most famous OT in NFL history: The 1958 championship game between the Baltimore Colts and his New York Giants.

He still thinks those rules are in place.

Because when Gano missed, Huff huffed: “Double overtime!”

A producer could be heard in the background explaining to Huff that there’s no such thing as double overtime in the regular season. Bottom line: Awesome radio.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery