The NFL’s blackout policy will eventually be  exposed for its mythicality. A big step in the right direction came over the weekend when The Great Dan Steinberg™, who had slammed every skeptical word about the blackouts as harshly as he once slammed every skeptical word about the legitimacy of Dan Snyder’s since debunked waiting list, wised up.

The steroidally industrious TGDS™ took and posted a photo of a menu of the various tickets that were still up for sale at the FedExField box office before Sunday afternoon’s Redskins/Texans game. I went by the box office after the Redskins second field goal of the game and asked what sections had tickets available and was told by the salesperson, “All over the place!” Steinberg’s photo says that far more effectively.

The NFL’s blackout policy, put in place in 1972, allegedly calls for any game not sold out 72 hours before kickoff to be blacked out from television broadcasts in the host market.

The Skins game, menu be damned, was not blacked out.

Only days ago, of course, the same TGDS™ stormed into the comments section here to blast Cheap Seats Daily for pointing out that the Redskins opener with the Cowboys, despite being the most marketed game in the history of the Washington Redskins, really wasn’t a sellout. Sure, TGDS™ was offered the same tickets at face value from the FedExField box office on that game day that I was, but for the purposes of Playing the Feud™ he pretended that the standard definition of “sellout” shouldn’t apply if the Redskins say so.

The box office photo almost makes up for TGDS’s™ malfeasances from last week. For Karmic relief, check out the Bog’s comments section after Steinberg’s photo post: He’s being blasted for daring to mention that the Redskins games don’t really sell out.

As SuperSkin railed: “Why does this even matter, Dan? Why does the D.C. media – during a period where this organization has clearly made strides both on and off the football field in the last nine months – continue to hang on by their fingernails to any story that can shed a negative light?”

Sounds familiar.

Sounds familiar….