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Forbes writer Monte Burke asks in a blog post: “Why Is Dan Snyder So Reviled?”

Burke tells Redskins fans that they should love Snyder, because, you know, he just wants to win. To prove it, he quotes Snyder saying he just wants to win.

Snyder, Burke says, just needs the same amount of time and compassion fans of other teams gave their owners. 

“Has it worked yet? No,” Burke writes of Snyder’s methodology. Had he stopped there, Burke would have saved himself from Stoogedom. 

Alas, he didn’t stop there: “But it took Jerry Jones of the Cowboys, Robert Kraft of the Patriots and even George Steinbrenner of the Yankees years to figure it out.”

Monte, Monte, Monte! Who writes your material?

Yeah, it took “years,” alright. In Kraft’s case: Two years. The Patriots, who had never won more than 11 games in their history before Kraft got ’em, were in the Super Bowl two years after he took over the team; he’s got three Lombardi Trophies. If I’m reading Wikipedia right, Jones won a Super Bowl less than four years after buying the team. He got his three Lombardi Trophies within eight seasons. Steinbrenner got the Yankees in 1973. He had his team in the World Series by 1976, and won two of his seven championships by 1978.

Of course, the biggest flaw in Burke’s post is that it assumes winning and losing is the key reason Snyder is so reviled around here. Actually, he’s so reviled because Redskins fans, unlike Burke, have paid attention to how Snyder’s acted since buying the team about 12 seasons ago.

The Forbes aggregation software apparently deciphers what its writer can’t: In a section located just beneath the Snyder blog post called “Related Stories,” there’s a link to a story titled “Female Employee Yvonne Hiller Kills Two In Kraft Shooting.” Just a hunch: I bet readers can come closer to answering Burke’s original question from that other piece.