Smelly + Insect = Nasty: The only thing worse than an infestation of bugs is an infestation of really, really smelly bugs. Which is apparently exactly what the region is about to deal with, as “stink bugs” start coming out of the woodwork. Killing them releases their odor, which is a pretty good reason to leave them alone. The whole scenario sounds like an outtake from the ten plagues described in the Bible’s Book of Exodus. We prefer the frogs, thanks. -3

We’re the Worst!: Looking for something to brag about to out-of-town friends? The Weather Channel can help—according to their meteorologists, D.C. had the nation’s worst weather during the summer of 2010. It’s not over yet, either; chances are this weekend will see 1980’s record for most days over 90 degrees fall. We don’t really have a punchline to this item; we’re still recovering from the brief walk we took outside a few hours ago. -4

Colbert Takes Capitol: In what could be a dress rehearsal for his march next month, Stephen Colbert testified at a House committee hearing on farm labor by undocumented immigrants. What, exactly, made him an expert is entirely unclear, but we’re betting the gambit pays off; this hearing will almost certainly get more coverage in the media than the average one does. (Including right here!) About time Congress started being funny on purpose, instead of just by accident. +2

Loaf Lofts: Developer Douglas Jemal wants to turn the now vacant old Wonder Bread factory in Shaw into loft apartments. Which would be an improvement on many of the loft apartments in the District, built in brand-new buildings designed to look like old factories. The original plan was for offices, then a boutique hotel. We can’t wait for the inevitable announcement that some high-priced bakery will occupy retail space on the first floor. +2

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