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Remember that grim fiscal 2011 budget? When the new fiscal year starts in October, the Department of Public Works will cut back on its disposal service for hazardous materials, electronics recycling and document shredding—which has been a convenient and environmentally friendly way to get rid of household materials that shouldn’t be thrown in with the normal trash.

The department had offered weekly disposal service at its Fort Totten Transfer Station, but will instead accept and process such materials once a month, every first Saturday, starting this week.

The weekly service at Fort Totten was implemented to replace the semi-annual household hazardous waste and e-cycling events at Carter Barron Amphitheatre. The District was the first jurisdiction in the region to offer weekly document shredding for residents.

So, if you have an old television set, a substance that can “[d]estroy living tissue on contact,” or other object or material that should be disposed of properly (complete list here), be sure to mark off the first Saturday of the month. Also, if you have a substance that can destroy living tissue on contact, you may have some other logistical problems to worry about.

The Fort Totten Transfer Station also gets high marks on Yelp—4.5 stars to be exact: “The folks here are always there to greet you with a smile—and they truly have one of the worst jobs—for what most people would prefer to do. Easy to navigate—nice people—convenient hours. Excellent customer service!!!!”

Well, not as convenient as it once was. Still, better than the Department of Motor Vehicles inspection station! From Yelp: “[R]est assured that any trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles is likely to end with you feeling more violated than your average Abu Ghraib torture victim.” Ouch.