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Folks wanna know why Clinton Portis went down in the open field on Sunday to prematurely end what was still his longest run of the season. Portis’ public explanations haven’t satisfied the masses.

At his weekly press conference, Coach Mike Shanahan said Portis told him his right hand hurt and he didn’t want to fumble. He didn’t wrap up the ball with two hands, though, which is the go-to ball protection move. So the fall remains a big mystery among Redskins fans.

However, a poster named “Jim” on the Yahoo Sports blog Shutdown Corner might have cracked the mystery, if that’s what you do to mysteries: “Like Championship Wrestling, it’s fixed,” he typed.

I like it! Portis, after all, has admitted loving pro wrestling. During his regular appearance on The Mike Wise Show earlier this week, Portis spoke of his ring heroes and said he wished he had the opportunity to wrestle “Sting or Ric Flair back in their day.”*

There are problems with this theory, of course. Firstly, the line on the Rams/Redskins game opened with the Skins favored by 4, and moved up to 5 and higher as the week went on, meaning all the money coming in was on Washington.

And, Problem B: As Portis continued rambling about rasslin’ on the Wise show, his real love of the sport, or whatever you want to call it, came into question: He said he gave up on wrestling after watching the Undertaker put Sting in a coffin, then watching Sting wrestle again a couple days later. As wrestling historians pointed out in the comments section of the D.C. Sports Bog, the Undertaker never put Sting in a coffin.

But Portis’ point was: He never felt the same about the pastime after finding out it wasn’t on the up and up.

Wonder if any Redskins fans had that reaction after watching Portis take a dive.

*Portis quote comes via Steinography of the D.C. Sports Bog