If only the Redskins could knock out the starting quarterback every week.

Yesterday’s win in Philadelphia, highlighted by Michael Vick’s sandwiching and subsequent benching, followed a familiar pattern. Two-thirds of the Redskins wins in the last two seasons have now come against backups.

While compiling last year’s 4-12 record, three of the Skins’ four Ws came against non-starting QBs.

In Oakland, remember, the Skins took out Bruce Gradkowski’s knees in the first half, so the Raiders had to play Jamarcus Russell in the second. Russell is Kwame Brown with shoulder pads and will head any list of Worst NFL Draft Choices for decades. He was sacked six times in two quarters as the Skins won going away 34-13. 

And while the Redskins were hosting the Broncos, Denver’s Kyle Orton threw for 193 yards and two touchdowns before getting an ankle injury just before halftime.  That forced Chris Simms, the worst QB to wear an NFL uniform since George Plimpton, into the game.  The Broncos passed for minus-8 yards in the second half , and don’t score again. Skins come back to win, 27-17.

An against Tampa Bay, the Skins were blessed with Josh Johnson, who had never started an NFL game before.  The Bucs got 106 yards passing on the day and lost. Johnson and his 50.4 QB rating are back on the Bucs bench this season.

The Marc Bulger-led St. Louis Rams were the only opponents with a regular starter at QB to be beaten by the Redskins last season. Bulger’s now benchwarming in Baltimore.

So, if Mr. Obvious were asked to provide one piece of advice to Jim Haslett for next week’s Green Bay game, he’d suggest that the Skins wound Aaron Rodgers.