More Than Meets the Eye: Once again, it’s time for Shia LeBeouf to save Optimus Prime—and the world—from certain doom at the hands of the Decepticons. Streets will close near Capitol Hill next week as filming begins for Transformers 3. Obviously, a thriving local film industry can be a good source of jobs, tax revenue, and creative energy for the District. So we don’t want to complain too much. That said—have you seen the first two movies in this series? If the writing on the third installment doesn’t improve, the new movie may well dissuade tourists from visiting D.C. for fear of being associated with the whole franchise. -3

Don’t Tase Me, Bro!: Next time you find yourself visiting Annapolis for an afternoon of picking crabs, guzzling beers, and generally carousing through the streets of Maryland’s capital, don’t be surprised if you wind up getting shocked. Anne Arundel County cops are more likely to use a Taser to subdue suspects than their hands, a new report finds. Yet another reason to oppose Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s plan to retrocede D.C. to Maryland, if you ask us. -2

Scenic View (Of Expensive Produce): Shoppers at Whole Foods sometimes give the impression they look down on those of us who can’t afford to spend $9 or $10 on imported out-of-season produce from the southern hemisphere (even if there’s a lot of overlap in that group with those of us who would rather just spend less money at local farmers’ markets on in-season local produce). Now you can go look down on them—literally. The P Street Whole Foods has opened a new mezzanine seating area overlooking the market floor, part of a bigger renovation that brought express lanes and new prepared food counters. No word on whether the store will charge a cover to get into the seating area, though we suspect some people out there would pay it. +2

Redskins Win Drama Bowl: Donovan McNabb‘s much-hyped return to Philadelphia winds up being mostly… well, boring. The Redskins hung on Sunday to win an ugly game over the Eagles, 17-12, leaving them with a 2-2 record their play so far this season doesn’t quite seem to have earned. The good news: A win is a win. The bad news: Watching them lose might have been more entertaining than watching them win that game. +3

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