Last week, Prince of Petworth relayed the news of a new bus service, the knowitExpress, between the District and New York City. But the terminal locations—U Street NW in D.C. and Park Slope in Brooklyn—are places not currently served by discount intercity bus service. And they’re places to get excited about.

As Brooklyn365 notes, “this bus route may give hipsters from both DC and Brooklyn that ability to contemplate our nation’s democracy while en-route.” Or something like that. It will also feature free Wi-Fi and on-board bike storage, according to Brooklyn365.

The bus service will also have “a quick stop in Manhattan’s Penn Station.” Which is impossible—no stop at Penn Station is ever quick!

Hey knowitExpress, try this: U Street NW in the District and the Atlantic Avenue terminal in Brooklyn, and skip the stop at Penn Station in Manhattan. Travel time in and out of New York City would be reduced by skipping Manhattan. (Atlantic Avenue has direct or indirect access to 10 subway lines and the Long Island Railroad.)

Try that and you’ll make most everyone happy. (And that might get me to choose the bus over Amtrak.)

Still, you run the risk of geese hitting your bus on the New Jersey Turnpike!

Photo by Wv235, from Wikimedia Commons