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photo by Darrow Montgomery
Bruce Allen’s done some fun things for old Redskins fans. His efforts to remind folks that this used to be an amazing team to root for continue this week, as the Skins will put on “Homecoming” festivities leading up to the nationally televised Sunday Night Football game with the Indianapolis Colts.

The parking lots will be open real early, as a nod to Dan Snyder’s partners at Diageo, and there will be a parade featuring the Redskins band and cheerleaders and all sorts of alumni from the When Things Were Good Era™.

The Redskins press release lists Larry Brown, Brig Owens, Ron McDole, Gary Clark, Mark Moseley and Doug Williams, all of whom appeared in and/or won a Super Bowl or more with the Skins, as scheduled paraders. (Nobody from the When Things Were Dan Snyder’s Era™ of Redskins history is mentioned in the team’s release.) 

Pro teams don’t normally have Homecomings, of course, and there are another couple oddities about the Redskins Homecoming when compared to traditional Homecomings:  

1)Homecoming games are usually scheduled against a Patsy. The Redskins get the Colts. Peyton Manning probably has never played in a road Homecoming Game.  Because, of course, Peyton Manning is no Patsy, having led non-Patsy powerhouses from Newman High through the University of Tennessee through his only pro home, Indianapolis. (And can you still call people “Patsy” and get away with it?) 

2)The highlight of all Homecomings is the crowning of the Homecoming queen. I haven’t seen such a crowning on any of the agendas for Sunday. But, if  Bruce Allen is looking for a suitable tiara wearer, I would suggest Pat Hill, the world renowned Grandmother Who Got Sued Into Bankruptcy By Dan Snyder™.

Snyder defended the $66,364 suit against Hill, a lifelong Redskins fan who signed a club seat contract she couldn’t afford, as recently as the current issue of Forbes magazine.

But his “strictly business” rationale just provided more evidence of what got him in trouble with everybody but the banks in the first place. 

Bringing Hill back and putting her on display would go a long way toward healing the deepest and most public of wounds the owner has inflicted on the fan base.   

And, of course, she is a Patsy.