Suck it Malcolm Gladwell! In last week’s New Yorker magazine, the author and journalist took aim at social media. Well, Malcolm, explain this please.

On Tuesday, I blogged in this space about how a new D.C.-Brooklyn discount bus line had a critical failure: a stop at Penn Station in Manhattan. Going through Manhattan sort of defeats the purpose of direct service. TBD followed up with an article on Wednesday and this morning, DCist chimed in. The local commentariat, along with forces in social media, too, expressed doubts and frustrations with the Manhattan stop.

Within 48 hours of me blogging my skepticism and social media communities stewing, the bus line decided to drop the Manhattan stop.

Success! Let a new era in East Coast travel begin! (The next question: Should theknowitexpress use the Goethals Bridge or the Outerbridge Crossing to go from New Jersey to Staten Island?)

Now, let’s band together and banish the idea that this is a bus service for hipsters. If that were the case, the Brooklyn terminal would be somewhere in Bushwick or Williamsburg, not smack dab in the middle of Brownstone Brooklyn that’s better known for double-wide strollers.