So, as we all know right now, the Bay Bridge in Maryland is one of the most “scary” bridges in all the world. That was according to a survey by Travel & Leisure magazine.

So what’s the next fun ranking/list/survey that gives us a snapshot of where we live? According to WTOP, there’s something called the AutoVantage Road Rage Survey that says that D.C. has the sixth-most courteous drivers in all the land. Adam Tuss notes that this “is a marked improvement from the 2008 survey, where Washington was ranked fifth from last.”

Yay, we’re more courteous on the roads! (But that doesn’t make some area drivers “good” drivers. As Dr. Gridlock reported earlier in the year, “District of Columbia drivers are the third worst in the nation, according to a survey by an insurance company on rules-of-the-road knowledge.”)

DCist rightfully questions the new driver-courtesy survey:

The rankings are based on the “likelihood of seeing fellow drivers talking on cell phones, or eating and drinking behind the wheel.” I’m going to call BS on this one. I’ll be the first to joke that Maryland and Virginia drivers are nothing short of criminally negligent (it’s a joke, people), but I won’t ever line up defend the idea that our local city drivers are all that nice or courteous behind the wheel. Maybe it’s because I often experience them from the vantage point of my bike, or maybe because I become a rageful bastard when I drive around here.

Indeed. But does Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham still think that Maryland drivers are the “devil incarnate?”