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Woodrow Wilson Senior High School in Ward 3 is currently undergoing major renovations, and when the modernization of the school’s Tenleytown campus is complete in fall 2011, it will be quite an impressive place for students to learn.

How do I know that? Because D.C. Public Schools have put together a fun virtual video tour of the school, set to the soothing sounds of Antonio Vivaldi‘s “Spring.” It kind of makes you envious. Did your school have a Rose Garden with some sort of solar powered greenhouse pod? (Mine didn’t.)

When you walk into the school’s main entrance, be sure to note how easy it is for a person to proceed through the metal detectors without slowing down much. At least if that person is operating a DCPS video camera. But who exactly is that guy standing to the right? Is he a security guard? Does DCPS allow security guards to wear distressed denim while on duty? The video doesn’t provide many answers.

In the cafeteria, you might notice there’s an entire section labeled “Pizza.” Considering this is the home territory of Councilmember Mary Cheh—who pushed the D.C. Healthy Schools Act through the D.C. Council—that better be an entire section devoted to flatbread with mozzarella and tomatoes!

It seems like at the new Wilson, the architecture has the power to bend your conception of time and motion. In the gymnasium, for instance, note how there are basketball players frozen in action as others casually stroll down the sidelines. The physics curriculum ought to be fascinating.