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That’s a Lot of Green: Oh no! It would seem that the District government is going to have to deploy a bunch of new street signs—and spend a lot of money—to meet new federal standards on sign readability by 2015. A no all-caps signage future looms on the horizon! -3

Not the Raccoons! Wow, there have been sightings of raccoons “lumbering down” alleyways in Adams Morgan! People are reporting the sightings on the community Yahoo! Group. So this must be a problem, right? What will Councilmember Jim Graham do to curb this quality of life nuisance? -2

Dig Yourself a Hole: Over at the Capitol Hill Oasis on 12th Street NE, neighbors this week watched construction crews trying to dig themselves out of this hole. Sure, it’s another instance of bad luck for the cursed project. But it’s at least entertaining! +2

The “Hipster” Bus Arrived Safely! The Washington Post sent a reporter on the maiden voyage of the new discount bus service connecting U Street NW in the District with Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal. (Please, stop calling it the “Hipster Express.” Please?) Anyhow, the journey took about four hours, which ain’t bad at all! Meanwhile in more important transportation news, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey delayed a decision to withdraw funding for the most important infrastructure project in the Northeast corridor. +2

Stupid Ginkgo Trees: Apparently, area ginkgo trees won’t be dropping as much stinky fruit this year, Georgetown Metropolitan reports. Yes, but the fruit that does drop still stinks. Looks like this now-pitiful looking tree on Corcoran Street NW never had the chance to stink. +2

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