Shootings Linked: When someone fired shots at the Pentagon last week, it seemed like a harmless enough incident; no one was hurt, after all. Now comes word the same weapon was used to shoot up the Marine Corps Museum and, possibly, a Marine recruiting center in Chantilly, and suddenly, what seemed like a prank—albeit a sick one—looks a lot more threatening. (Nota bene for the shooter: Like the Wu-Tang Clan, the U.S. Marine Corps is generally believed to be nothing to fuck with.) -3

Smoggy Days Are Here Again: Breathing in Washington can be complicated by any number of factors: heat and humidity, in the summertime; heat and humidity in the fall, too, thanks to global warming. And also, according to the National Resources Defense Council, horrible air quality. The group will release a list tomorrow that ranks D.C. among the “Filthy 15” worst cities in the nation for bad-air days. Philadelphia, New York, Houston, and Los Angeles also ranked high. Those are some of the biggest cities in the country; apparently we have enough hot air to make up for our relatively small size. -3

This Post Brought to You By Creative Loafing, Inc.: The Bowl Formerly Known As the EagleBank Bowl was in dire need of a new name, mostly because EagleBank has seen better days financially. So now RFK Stadium will play host to the “Military Bowl presented by Northrup Grumman.” Which seems reasonable; the military, after all, is a major sponsor of Northrup Grumman, so why shouldn’t the defense contracting firm give something back? The renaming fuss was good for one thing—it briefly reminded people that RFK Stadium hosts a college football bowl game. -2

DeAngelo Hall of Fame: The last time a Redskins player made four interceptions in one game before Sunday, it was Sammy Baugh—who was mostly famous for being a quarterback. Which shows you how long it’s been. Which, in turn, explains why the Pro Football Hall of Fame wants the jersey DeAngelo Hall wore in the Skins victory over the Chicago Bears. Fortunately for the folks in Canton, Dan Snyder can afford to buy Hall a new one. +2

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