Yesterday, Cheap Seats Daily predicted that the EagleBank Bowl would be renamed the Grumman Bowl.

Today, the EagleBank Bowl was renamed “The Military Bowl presented by Northrop Grumman.”

Kudos accepted!

No insider info went into my dead-on forecast. I simply had faith that the folks who put on D.C.’s only college bowl game would be able to find a sponsor that feeds more off the government teat than EagleBank, which in 2008 took tens of millions of dollars in TARP money during George W. Bush’s gargantuanish giveaway to financial services companies, just before the local bank shelled out a reported seven figures to put on a football extravaganza.

And, by bringing in Northrop Grumman, organizers have justified my faith: There’s a whole lot of The People’s Money spent on cluster bombs!

Next prediction: Politico covers the crap outta the game.