Weekend Logistics Mess: Getting around this weekend is going to plain suck. Trick-or-treat closures in Georgetown! The Marine Corps Marathon! The big Colbert-Stewart rally! There will be reduced service and other track-related work on the Red, Orange and Green lines, which will make things even worse. All we need now is Tractor Man to crash into Constitution Gardens to screw up traffic downtown. Good luck getting around! -4

And That’s How You Spell Rhee-lief: It’s Michelle Rhee‘s last day at D.C. Public Schools chancellor. There’s a lot of debate over whether D.C. will be better or worse off without her. It’s been dissected to death. But one thing’s for sure: Now that Rhee is high-tailing it out of town, we won’t have to talk about her any more! Or use Rhee-rheelated puns for use in headlines! And that is a rhee-lief. +2

Ugggh: When will the cupcake insanity stop? (Frosting is a tool of Lucifer!) -2

Next Up, North Cleveland Park! If you didn’t know, Tenleytown has a pretty fascinating history. (It was actually called Tennallytown back in the day.) And now the neighborhood is getting its own heritage trail. But from the looks of it, there will not be any stops commemorating the locations of historic mattress stores. Still, this is good news. +2

Important Surveys Department: According to a study of Craiglist Missed Connections, the Vienna-Fairfax station on the Orange Line is the “most romantic.” Virginia is for lovers, after all. Or something like that. +1

Yesterday’s Needle rating: 49 Today’s score: -1 Friday bonus points: +1 Today’s Needle rating: 49