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For the hoi polloi-obsessed print platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about the state of the Sidwell Friends’ football program. It’s in a blue state.

Judging from the online commenters, both on this site at and at a Sidwell football thread that’s been thriving over at DCUrbanMom.com all season, some folks don’t think anybody should mention just how badly things are going on the gridiron over there. Nothing I could write is as funny as the flame wars taking place around the football team. These people don’t find any humor in watching the most prestigious school in the most powerful city in the world field a team so lame that some squad named  John Paul the Great poleaxed the crap outta ’em, 61-6, and left half the Sidwell roster gimpy. A team so overmatched that the slaughter rule, which kicks in once a team is down 35 points, has been invoked in EVERY Sidwell game this season. Has that ever happened before?

It ain’t the kids’ fault things are so awful. More than half the Sidwell squad is freshmen and sophomores. They’d be playing JV football, if the school hadn’t done away with it this year because of a lack of bodies. They’ll be better players for the pounding they’re taking this season.

But, still. Losing 61-6 to a dead pope’s boys? Damn if that ain’t funny.

And, besides, Sidwell’s imperfections just don’t get enough play. Just a couple weeks ago, the school made international news when President Obama was on the “Today” show and was asked whether his daughters “would get the same kind of education at a D.C. public school” that they get at Sidwell.

“I’ll be blunt with you,” the president said. “The answer is no.”

That musta hurt the feelings of some parents and kids around town. Reality bites, as they say.

Well, if anybody would ask me if the president could have sent his kids to a school with a worse football team than Sidwell’s, I’d have to be blunt with them, too. The answer is no.