Natalie Randolph has a chance to give a Hollywood ending to her super-publicized rookie season as head football coach. Her Coolidge Colts take on occasionally dynastic Dunbar, the class of the DCIAA for more than the last decade.

While the whole world was watching and an ESPN crew was tailing her in September, Randolph got shellacked in her debut as the only female high school coach around these parts.

Coolidge went on to lose its first five games, as the audience tailed off. But with little fanfare Randolph has won her last four games against the league’s bottom feeders. A regular-season ending win over Dunbar would give Coolidge a .500 record. Of course, if Vegas ranked such things, Dunbar would be favored by several touchdowns.

It would be straight out of a movie.

Which reminds me of the greatest football scene feature film folks have ever concocted, from Wildcats, a movie about a female coach who in the end, and against all odds, leads her inner city underdogs to a huge upset win.

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