Reading, ‘Riting, and Punching: Now this is education reform: A teacher at the Rock Creek Academy punches a student in the mouth, knocking out a tooth, after the student tries to grab his hat. The teacher, Joe Coleman, was charged with assault. No word yet on what Michelle Rhee thinks of the whole thing. -2

Off the Amtrak: Train service in and out of the District was disrupted after a collision between a MARC train and an Amtrak train near Union Station. The collision was reportedly low-speed. Which, for anyone who’s taken either train line recently, was not entirely a surprise. -2

Snow Joke: Next time you step outside today, take a moment to thank whatever higher power you believe in for the Appalachian mountain range. Because the stretch of low-lying mountains a few hours west of the District are, at least according to our extremely rudimentary understanding of meteorology, the only thing standing between us and 2-6 inches of snow this weekend. Which, considering it’s Nov. 5, would simply not be acceptable here in town. -2

Sisters of Perpetual Mint Condition: You should have saved those giveaway Stephen Strasburg cards in your Nationals program this summer, after all—a bunch of Baltimore nuns just sold a Honus Wagner card for $262,000 after inheriting it. Evidently, that was more than anyone expected it to sell for. Actually, we ought to amend the admonition earlier—you should have gone to a Nationals game this summer. +1

Yesterday’s Needle rating: 39 Today’s score: -5 Friday bonus: +2 Today’s Needle rating: 36