The place where victorious Republicans may be gathering nightly to celebrate wiping the floor with the Democrats has been accused of racial discrimination—again.

One of the National Republican Club of Capitol Hill’s former administrators, Kim Crawford, is already suing the private GOP outpost for treating her badly. Now you can add a pissed-off chef to the list: Jamaican-American Trevor Burt wants $2 million from the Republican hangout, according to a lawsuit filed recently.

Burt, who is black, wants that money because he believes he was in line for an executive chef position, but was shoved aside because of skin color. He was originally hired as a banquet chef, and was later  given the position of  “Acting Executive Chef” only to be denied commensurate pay and, later, the official position, the suit alleges. Club officials didn’t respond to requests for comment.

The complaint says:

Defendant Mr. Lawson never intended to offer or even consider Plaintiff for this open Executive Chef position. Defendants HR Manager asked defendant [General Manager Stanley] Lawson repeatedly for a copy of the “Job Description” for the position, that he(Defendant Lawson) claimed he needed to update, and was never given one.

The suit says that after refusing to hand over the job description, a passive-aggressive Lawson didn’t so much as interview Burt before he hired someone with lighter skin. “At the end of August 2010 Defendant Lawson hired a non-black male to fill the position of Executive Chef, and then proceeded to ask Plaintiff to train this person on the basics of scheduling staff, paperwork, ordering, inventory, computer software, etc.”

That seemed like old-fashioned bigotry to Burt. It also seemed that way to Crawford, who was his human resources manager during that period and was fired sometime after she initiated an investigation into whether Lawson was holding Burt down.

GOP House members like Ken Calvert and Tom Latham help direct the non-profit club, at least according to tax documents. Though there’s no telling how involved the Washington elites actually are with staffing decisions, one wonders how much they know about Lawson’s alleged proclivity for discrimination.