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The Washington Post has decided, apparently, that iPads are the way of the future. And to encourage people to read the paper in the future, they turned to… the Post‘s past, cutting an ad for their new iPad app that features Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee (relegating actual working Posties like Dana Milbank, Chris Cillizza, and Hank Steuver to supporting roles).

The Post ad came in for a bit of mockery—Gawker’s Valleywag called it “insane“—but we kind of liked it. So we made our own version. (Admittedly, our production values are a little lower, because we used a Flip camera to shoot it, whereas the Post appears to have spent most of the money they saved by laying off half the copy desk on making theirs. But still!)

Watch here:

And here’s the original Post ad, in case you hadn’t seen it yet: