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News broke late last night that Walmart is—as rumors have long had it—heading to D.C. But if you’ve been reading Washington City Paper like you should be, you were already up on the basic gist of the story. In July, Lydia DePillis looked at how District officials and advocates were trying to convince the retail giant to remember that a store in D.C. shouldn’t operate like one of Walmart’s massive branches out in Greater Exurbia:

The usual fight against the chain’s arrival may be tempered here, both by a certain fatalism—they’re coming, whether we like it or not—but also by a growing realization on the part of District officials and citizens that they could have a chance to try to bring Wal-Mart into an urbanist framework, as crazy as that sounds. Can D.C. find a middle ground between the kneejerk NIMBYism and the blind pro-business boosterism that often greets a Walmart expansion?

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