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D.C. Don’t Stand for Dodge City: And now, time for more ’90s nostalgia, as a new ranking lists the District as the fourth-most dangerous large-ish city in the country, behind only Detroit, Memphis, and Baltimore. (Among all cities, the report puts D.C. 22nd.) The actual value of the report has already been widely called into question, so we won’t bother with that; we’ll just note that El Paso, Texas, ranked as the second-safest big city, though a voluntary survey on the El Paso Times website shows that 36.69 percent of respondents don’t believe the stats. And since an Internet poll that we had to vote in in order to see the results has about as much statistical validity as the report does, that obviously puts the whole thing to rest! (For the record, we voted “yes, we’re rated the safest city for a reason,” despite never having set foot in El Paso.) -1

We Need Some Money: Almost Mayor Vince Gray must be wondering by now whether it’s too early to start a recall petition to rescue himself from the job he’s got lined up for next year. Today, in a speech addressing the city’s budget woes, he predicted pain and suffering in the years ahead. On the bright side, that effort to manage expectations does show Gray has more political sense than the guy he’s replacing. -3

Here Come the Freaks: Line up now for free pancakes—the new IHOP in Columbia Heights is giving short stacks, gratis, to the first 1,500 people through the doors in the morning. This is the sort of promotion you’d expect during Thanksgiving week; here’s hoping it doesn’t end up like the madhouse scenes of shoppers frantically rushing into malls on Black Friday. +2

Back Up Against the Wall: Not even a full week after suffering national humiliation on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, the Redskins beat the Tennessee Titans 19-16 in overtime in Nashville, persevering even after injuries knocked starter after starter out of the game. (Which may mean the backups should play more often.) The victory puts the team at 5-5, already giving it a full 25 percent more wins this year than they had last year with six more games to play. But don’t let any of that change your opinion of Dan Snyder. +2

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