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Talk about rags to riches!

As we check out for the holiday, I’d like to confess being thankful to two of the nicest people in D.C. media and personal heroes, Dan Steinberg and Grant Paulsen, for making me aware of the coolest story of the season: This weekend, Macho Harris will make the jump from Fairfax County flag football to the NFL.

Sure, Harris, a safety who has already spent time on the Philadelphia Eagles roster, only played one game of touchy-feely-grabby football in NoVa, and did it to help out some buddies whose resumes show stints on top-shelf D-1 teams.

But if you white-out those details, the Macho tale gives Hollywood more strange truths to work with than that fictional “Invincible” did, more even than the yarn about the D.C. kid (and alum of Gonzaga High) who leapt from a Notre Dame dorm football league to the starting lineup for the Fighting Irish.

How can you not root for Harris to come up large against the Vikings? Just make one play, Macho, and we’ll start working on the script…

Back to me:

For those looking for something other than feel-good anecdotes about the Redskins as we head out, check out the audio of my appearance on WJFK’s “LaVar and Dukes” show.

You’ll hear about 20 minutes from somebody who cares way too much about caffeine and Dan Snyder, not necessarily in that order, than is healthy. Plus, if you stick around for the train wreck, several seconds of stammering while a four-year old yells that Grandma is at the front door and locked out.

Great radio!