Last month, Mark Reed and Dante Walkup wed in Washington D.C. from a Dallas, Texas hotel. Although gay marriage isn’t legal in Texas, the couple had Sheila Alexander-Reid (Washington City Paper’s business development manager) officiate the wedding from a Washington, D.C. hotel via Skype. The wedding video and story went viral, but last week the couple received bad news: The D.C. Marriage Bureau declared their marriage invalid.

“The return is invalid because it has come to the attention of the court that the subject contracting parties to the marriage and you, the officiant, did not all personally participate in a marriage ceremony performed within the jurisdictional and territorial limits of the District of Columbia,” the letter read.

After receiving the letter, the couple looked into legal options to challenge the decision, Alexander-Reid said. They were told they didn’t have a strong case and will try to fly back to D.C. this weekend to be legally married.

The full letter: