The oldest team in the NFL looked feeble and future-free in New York. But some local media types plumbed the sewage and found things for Redskins backers to feel good about.

Washington Post columnist Tom Boswell wrote how he made one anonymous Redskins Pro Bowler after another—who knew the Skins roster was so loaded with all-stars?—as well as all-quote, no-game graybeard defensive lineman Phillip Daniels giddier than Derek Anderson on the sidelines by boasting to the players in the locker room that he was going to unload on Albert Haynesworth and say it’s time to get rid of the troubled nine-figure-salaried oaf in a newspaper column. (Isn’t Week 13 of an NFL season a little late to try send messages?)

And on the weekly game-review show on Dan Snyder‘s WTEM sports talk radio station this morning,  host Andy Pollin said we now know that Haynesworth isn’t just a bad football player, he is also a horrible human being. Pollin signed off by counseling Redskins fans to “cheer up.”

“Finally, it appears they’re rebuilding in the right way,” Pollin said.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have TiVo, but at first blush it seemed to me like Haynesworth wouldn’t have hurt the Skins chances to win the game. And as far as rebuilding, far as I can tell to catch up to the Giants, Snyder’s team will need a new QB, running backs, receivers, offensive and defensive lines, cornerbacks, linebackers, a safety, and special teams. (Didn’t it seem like the gods had something to do with Devin Thomas, another Skins scapegoat just signed by the Giants, blocking a punt for his new team?)

And after that totally wacky sequence in which Little Shanahan scrambled to pick up a challenge flag thrown by Big Shanahan while begging the ref not to listen to the Old Man, well, the coaching staff doesn’t seem the equal of the opposition’s, either. (Jim Zorn got ripped as being out of his league for calling the Swinging Gate in last year’s game with the Giants. Tanahan’s red flag retrieval episode was just as cringe-worthy.)

Perhaps what Pollin meant by telling the radio audience that the Skins are “rebuilding in the right way” was: The kick returner can stay.

If so, I’m with him.