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Someone is passing notes about alleged shooter Kwan Kearney. According to a District Curmudgeon blog post that comes to our attention via Homicide Watch D.C., unsigned letters that out Kearney as an accused killer have been mailed to the 19-year-old’s neighbors on Oates Street NE. The letters include text from a Washington Post article. The article says Kearney is accused of fatally shooting Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr. and Jamal Wilson in two separate incidents. Both victims were killed a week apart in November. “Are you reaching? Are you reaching?” charging documents say Kearney asked before killing Sharps. “No, I am not reaching for nothing,” Sharps pleaded.

Pictures of the letter show that a weight-loss advertisement appears on it. That’s likely because the letter sender printed the text out from the Post website. But it makes a strange mailing seem even stranger. As Curmudgeon points out, Kearney is currently in jail, so there’s no immediate reason to warn people that they live close to him.

The letter could be a part of a curious phenomenon you pick up on while reading D.C. police message boards: There’s a contingent of pro-law-enforcement residents whose zeal for fighting crime veers toward shaming the families of suspects. At any rate, consider yourself warned.