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It’s the interview of the century, or at least last night.

“All you gotta do is take off the daggone leash,” Albert Haynesworth said on WFJK-FM’sKevin and Rock Show last night. “We’re not little girls. Nothing wrong with being a girl or anything. But I’m a man… Unleash me and let me go… let me play football. Let me be great at it… no other defensive tackle can outplay me. I guarantee that.”

Well, no defensive tackle can underplay Haynesworth, either, if Coach Tanahan keeps it up.

When the onfield product is as bad as the Skins’, the team needs stuff like the Haynesworth soap opera to stay in the news and keep the focus off Xs and Os and personnel moves (like signing Haynesworth for $100 million to win the 2009 offseason championship) and anything you can blame on management for the current debacle.

But the full-out assault that Haynesworth is under, which smoked him out and forced him to call WJFK to rebut “the haters,” has been bizarre and brutal, even for the Redskins. All the unnamed sources at Redskins Park accusing Haynesworth of being drunk on the job makes it seem like the only reason the team kept Haynesworth around was to sniff out some reason get some of that bonus money back.

Chris Russell, over at the Dan Snyder-owned WTEM, spent all of his hour-long show last night saying he wasn’t going to slander Haynesworth.

But Russell also said Haynesworth “wasn’t able to do a groin stretch” at practice last week because he’d been out drinking a night earlier. He added that a coaching staff can’t accept players showing up “when you’re hungover, maybe still drunk, maybe reeking of alcohol.”

“Listen, it’s not an unbased accusation, that he was hungover, whatever,” Russell said. “I just have to be careful what I say.”

The whole show reminded me about Sean Taylor, who also missed practice after a night of hard partying. Taylor didn’t show up at all to workouts in October 2004 after being arrested for DWI while speeding around the Beltway coming home from Rod Gardner‘s birthday party at a nightclub called Home.

Taylor was videotaped by the police tripping up on the alphabet during the field sobriety test. He was asked to recite from E to O, but forgot  J, M and N. Coach Joe Gibbs suspended Taylor for that week’s game against Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.

Taylor’s locker is now on display in the Club Level of FedExField and used as a carrot to sell premium seats. Maybe Snyder can put Haynesworth’s locker up there, too, when this latest saga is done.