Somebody’s having fun with the Albert Haynesworth debacle.

Sportstalker WJFK-FM quickly cooked up a promotion to exploit yet another ridiculous situation coming out of Redskins Park. The station, also known as “The Fan,” is sponsoring an “Unhappy Hour” in honor of the suspended lineman/distraction. It’ll be held tomorrow night at the American Tap Room in Reston, a Haynesworth hangout. The event will run from 5:30 p.m “until you feel sick and go home early.”

“I came up with the idea on Monday night when I heard Albert say he’d left the American Tap room ‘early’—at 12:30 [a.m.]!” giggles WJFK program director Chris Kinard. “To me that doesn’t sound early, the night before an 8 a.m. meeting. I wonder what late is for the guy. I figured we should all live the Albert Haynesworth lifestyle and see how we feel the next day, and salute one of Dan Snyder‘s greatest acquisitions.”

Kinard’s station broadcast the big interview in which Haynesworth detailed his social schedule last Thursday, the night before he showed up late for work and gave his bosses an excuse to recover some of the team’s cash. Haynesworth’s radio appearance, on WJFK’s Kevin and Rock Show, certainly sped up Haynesworth’s exodus from the active roster, too.

Haynesworth was still active when WJFK announced the party in his honor. Kinard says the Redskins’ decision to boot Haynesworth off the team yesterday won’t impact the event.

“I guess it’s good for us: Albert’s free to come join us now,” Kinard says, then adds, “Though I guess it really doesn’t matter to him if he has to go to work the next day.”

The Haynesworth drama has provided endless hours of programming for WJFK. Just this morning, weekend host and former Redskins star Brian Mitchell went on to stoke the feud he’s having with current d-lineman/management mouthpiece Phillip Daniels. Daniels has kept his football career going by carrying water for Redskins management and Coach Tanahan throughout the Haynesworth troubles, doing scads of interviews slamming his teammate all season.

The other day Mitchell said the Redskins defense in general and Daniels specifically “sucked” during the Giants game, and that players should shut up about Haynesworth and worry about winning. Daniels then went on Twitter to call Mitchell “ignorant” and “two-faced.”

Today on WJFK, Mitchell used old media to slam Daniels’ use of new media.

“How about you jump on Twitter and become a better football player?” Mitchell said to his new rival.

“I love this!” Kinard says of the Redskins latest soap opera. “I can’t wait for the next one!”