So Long, and Thanks for All the Bike Lanes: It was revolving door day at the Wilson Building. DDOT Director Gabe Klein, a favorite of the smart growth set, departed in the morning, along with DCRA ; by the afternoon, the big news was the appointment of Allen Lew as city administrator and Gerri Mason Hall as Almost Mayor Vince Gray‘s chief of staff. So that’s one transit-friendly official out, one former Amtrak official in. May not be time to trade that Bianchi in for a BMW yet, after all. +2

But I’m a Congressman!: Last month, around 1 a.m. one night, a guy got into some kind of altercation near the Capitol building and called police for help. He was, he told the cops, Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga. In fact, police now say, he was Walter Nelson Lewis Jr., he was, at 26, less than half Kingston’s age, and he had somehow gotten a hold of a real lapel pin identifying him as a member of Congress. Lewis has been charged with impersonating a member of Congress—which we’re not saying is a tactic Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton should use if Republicans don’t give D.C. a vote, but we’re also not saying she shouldn’t. +1

The District is All In: Vegas on the Potomac is here at last! The D.C. Council passed a law last night allowing the D.C. Lottery to set up online poker games, which would be legal as long as players are physically in the District while gambling. The bill would generate about $13.5 million in revenue, which the city could certainly use. Yes, technically, the law would run afoul of several federal statutes. So what? Raise! +1

Twitter Power: Annoyed about your Pepco bill and/or that time the power went out while your TiVo was in the middle of recording Glee? (Note: We don’t watch Glee, but we understand a lot of you do.) Vengeance can be yours tomorrow, as Pepco president Thomas Graham will take to the utility’s Twitter feed to answer questions from customers. That is, unless power suddenly cuts out at the Pepco headquarters on account of all the trees in D.C. Hit Graham up at @PepcoConnect. +2

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