SnOMG!: The first snowflakes of the season fell in a flurry early this morning, causing mass hysteria on Twitter and, we’re sure, prompting every local TV news crew in the region to camp out at grocery stores to get B-roll of people buying milk, bread, and toilet paper. Anyone who spent most of February shoveling out from Snowmageddon promptly fell into a catatonic state of post-traumatic stress. Fortunately, the snow didn’t last. Unfortunately, there may be more of it—and bitter cold—coming soon. And it’s not even winter yet! -2

I Got the Power: Don’t let anyone say Pepco doesn’t stay on message. The same week the Washington Post zapped the utility’s claims that power went out so frequently around the D.C. region because of an unusual amount of trees, Pepco says it’ll start cutting tree limbs on customers’ property if it wants. If they keep this up, Pepco will start ordering Agent Orange by the spring. -3

A Brickskeller By Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet: One of D.C.’s old standby bars, The Brickskeller, will close on Dec. 18 for renovations, to reopen about a week later with new ownership (and a new name). The buyers, who also own the Windsor Inn, Embassy Inn, and District Hotel, will install new carpet and redo the bathrooms. Hence the headline for this item. +2

They Say That Ashburn is a Bad Mother…: In the annals of totally unscientific rankings of cities, the one out this morning ought to win a special prize. Editors of Business Insider plugged each of George Carlin‘s famed seven dirty words into Google Trends, looked at where each word was most often searched by residents, and determined that Ashburn, Va., is the most obscene city in the country. We note that Redskins Park is located in Ashburn; the team has certainly given fans—and possibly employees?—plenty of reason to curse this year. +1

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