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Photo by Darrow Montgomery

Meet their old boss. Same as our new boss.

Well, OK. Maybe Bruce Allen‘s only the boss on paper these days.

But there was a lot of talk around here lately about how the Redskins have to look to Tampa Bay to see how a football team rebuilds the right way.

That boils down to: Bruce Allen should learn from the way the Bucs have recovered from Bruce Allen.

This week marks the one-year anniversary of Allen coming to the Redskins as Dan Snyder‘s first general manager hire. Allen had been Tampa’s GM from 2004 until getting canned in 2008.

He left behind one of the least talented rosters in the NFL.

But now, two years since Allen was fired by Tampa, the Bucs have the not only the youngest team in the NFL, but a playoff contender.

The Redskins, 12 months into the Allen Era, flaunt the oldest and among the least talented rosters in the NFL.

Yesterday, the Skins lost to yet another team that is currently superior on offense, defense and special teams, and has a brighter future in all three areas.

What’s there for Redskins fans to feel good about, again?