The most notorious fan in Redskins Nation says he’s about ready to turn in his “fan card.”

The diehard known only as The Mayor of FedEx Field posted an amazing rant on the team-owned message board, ExtremeSkins, yesterday. The Mayor said the final straw came when he was handcuffed and detained by Prince George’s County police at Sunday’s Skins game for trying to sell a $35 parking pass for $10.

The Mayor claimed that while he was cuffed and forced to lie on “cold, wet pavement” in the rain, the cops told him repeatedly that they were only enforcing an anti-scalping ordinance because they’d been hired by Redskins management to do so.

The thread containing the allegations has been removed from public view from the message board. Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie says the team does hire P.G. police, but is unaware of any crackdown on scalping. “We pay for Prince George’s County police to enforce public safety,” says Wyllie. “That’s it.”

If the Mayor really does flee, that’s a big blow to an already wounded fan base. If you’ve caught his act, you know there’s nobody like the Mayor. He and his party posse, who call themselves the Dead Tree Crew, have been featured in HBO documentaries about fan behavior—they are all Goofus and no Gallant, and proud of it—and have become legendary in Redskins circles for out of control tailgates. In a YouTube documentary about himself and his tailgating posse, the Mayor describes himself as “the first one at FedEx Field and the most fucked up.”

Til now, the Mayor has been a tireless defender of Redskins owner Dan Snyder, and an aggressive attacker of anybody who goes after him.

I found out about the Mayor’s passion in 2008, when I had written a blog post about the owner’s approval rating.

Anybody who likes good writing and/or dislikes me, click below to see how the Mayor responded to my words about Snyder. He’s real good:

  1. The Mayor of Fed Ex Field Says:
    Jun. 20, 2008, at 10:31 pm Dave:I just googled your name, and at first glance, thought you were some famous jazz musician from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. I was wrong. You’re just a no talent douchebag, writing for some primitive,low traffic news site. Washington City Paper? My MySpace account gets more hits that this piece of shit.3 facts I would like to point out.#1 You have proven time after time,you are anti Dan Snyder/Washington Redskins. We get the fucking point.#2 It’s not just Redskin fans that think you are a douchebag, it’s everybody. Your non talent isnt exposed by just your sports columns, it is exposed in every aspect of your writing.
    #3 You wish you were Dan Snyder, you wish you were Dan Steinberg, and you fucking know you wish you were Art Mills.See. Nobody likes you. You probably are single, drive a Prius, and watch transsexual porn on your company laptop.

    Do everyone a favor, pack your shit, and get the fuck out of here bitch.

    Damn. I think Dan Snyder beat you up in middle school.


    The Mayor of Fed Ex Field

    PS: You call 57% to 42% a pounding?

    PSS: We Redskin fans would do an approval poll on you, but its already a proven fact.

    You approve pole.