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Doors Closing: Being a concerned citizen in these times of terror requires a lot of fear; if you’re not constantly worried some lunatic is going to blow you up, you’re not holding up your end of the bargain. Still, it’s hard to muster the requisite level of alarm over the latest arrest involving some guy who claimed he wanted to attack Metro. Authorities say Awais Younis, 25, of Arlington, sent Facebook messages threatening to put pipe bombs under sewers in Georgetown and on Metro subway cars. He never actually got around to doing anything other than boasting on Facebook about shrapnel. Presumably the fact that Younis is originally from Afghanistan is supposed to make this scarier, but honestly, we’re more afraid someone’s going to send us more Mafia Wars invitations. -2

Statuesque: Every state in the union has two statues in the Capitol building, recognizing great figures from their history and giving low-level House and Senate aides something to point out while they give tours to constituents. The District, alas, has none—a situation that has brought considerable angst to WTOP’s Mark Plotkin over the years. Congress is now poised to remedy its oversight, sort of; the House will soon take up legislation to give D.C. a statue. That’s “a statue” as in just one, even though two have been sitting at One Judiciary Square waiting to be installed. Apparently Rep. Dan Lungren, a California Republican, thinks giving us two statues might someday pave the way for giving D.C. residents some actual say in how our federal tax money is spent. And we can’t have that! -3

D.C. Team Wins Trophy: Get ready for the victory parade, as a D.C. football team has won a national championship! Okay, fine, it’s not the Washington Redskins, who promise they’ll have that whole “extra point” thing down by this weekend. But congratulations are in order for the Beacon House Falcons, a Pop Warner football team from Edgewood Terrace, who won the 2010 division 1 Junior Pee Wee National Football Championship over the weekend and were honored by D.C. and Redskins officials last night. The Falcons are between the ages of 9 and 11, and weigh between 85 and 105 pounds. Perhaps the Redskins should sign a few of ’em to play the rest of this season’s games? At least they know how to win. +4

No Check in the Mail: Removing works of art from exhibitions may be the way to win Republican friends, but it’s not doing the Smithsonian Institution any favors with the Andy Warhol Foundation, which funded “Hide/Seek,” the National Portrait Gallery show that’s been at the center of a fight the last few weeks. The foundation notified the Smithsonian last night that it wouldn’t send any more money if David Wojnarowicz‘s A Fire in My Belly isn’t put back into the exhibit. Smithsonian officials appear not to care, since the Warhol Foundation doesn’t provide all that much money. Good to see people taking a stand, regardless. +2

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