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by Darrow Montgomery

So, an older, second-to-last-place team loses to a younger last-place team, and that vindicates the losing coach’s methods?


Funny how the winning team is being slammed in its market, while up here Coach Tanahan of the losing and now bottom-rung dwelling squad feels comfortable adopting an “I Told You So!” pose during his post-game press conference.

“People have no idea what I look at every day,” Shanahan said, by way of saying his wacky people management was vindicated in this latest defeat. “You know, these people, these experts, they’re not out at practice.”

And, to think, this guy’s always complaining about how tough the media is in this town…

Butt seriously: Yesterday’s Redskins/Cowboys game had a greater array of no-names in key positions and an aura of meaninglessness than even the ’87 Scab Game between the teams in Dallas. Actually, the latest game featured a lamer QB matchup — Rex Grossman v. Jon Kitna < Tony Robinson v.  Danny White (the Cowboys’ White was among the NFL vets to cross the picket line and play during the strike).

Hell, I’d still take Tony Robinson over Rex Grossman, straight up.

If Tony’s outta jail.

The Redskins loss guarantees Coach Tanahan’s first-year record won’t match the first-year record Jim “Not Lombardi” Zorn put up in 2008.

But, again, the loss has proved the coach’s methods are sound?