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The Maryland GreenHawks will open their home season next week with a new name, a new league, a new gym, and a new coach.

‘Course, if you’ve ever followed minor league basketball in general or the recent history of the vagabond ‘Hawks specifically, such changes ain’t shocking.

Other than my personal idol Adam Dantus, now serving as the team’s general manager, nothing sticks for long with this bunch.

The franchise will for the time being be called the Washington GreenHawks. In recent years, it’s also played as the Maryland Nighthawks and the Maryland GreenHawks; that latter name change came last year, with the team introduced as “the first and only Green professional sports team.”

To meet this “green” mandate, the ‘Hawks promised to “play in uniforms made from recyclable and organic materials and utilizes recycled products and gear at all home games. Each home game will be operated mindfully of conservation and recycling.  The team will be also be 100% carbon free by replacing the carbon footprint of team travel and all home games.”

The squad is still promising to stay green despite a move downtown: The insertion of “Washington” in the handle was preceded by a change of venue. The GreenHawks open their 2010-2011 home schedule on Jan. 8 at the Frank R. Williams Center, the fabulous hoops gym on the campus of Coolidge Senior High. The roster is topped by ex-local hero and Maryland Terps star Byron Mouton. Tickets are $4 and up.

In recent years, the ‘Hawks have also called the gyms at Montgomery College and Georgetown Prep home.

As the season opens, the ‘Hawks are coached by Falando Johnson. According to ‘Hawks press materials, Johnson coached last year for the Kalorama Knights, a local AAU team.

That means Johnson didn’t have to move here to take the job. Probably a good thing, because Johnson just accepted a very tenuous position. Last year, because of a combination of defections, intolerable personal foibles and death, the ‘Hawks had two head coaches after one game, three head coaches after five games and a fourth head coach by their seventh game.

As for league alliance, the ‘Hawks now play in something known as the Atlantic Coast Professional Basketball League (ACPBL). Previously, they’ve been affiliated with things called the American Basketball Association and the Premier Basketball League.

The ACBPL is so new that its “Mission Statement” on the league home page consists of two words:  “Coming Soon.”

Given the shelf life of the ‘Hawks previous confederations, that statement better come real soon, or the league and team might have already moved on.