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Nomageddon: The East Coast is virtually paralyzed today, crippled by snow from Boston to Raleigh, N.C. Except here in the District, where we got the cold and the wind that accompanied all the snow, but nothing else. Since we’re willing to bet a high percentage of people in the region have new snow shovels this winter (purchased to replace the ones that broke from overuse last time around), this is a rather unfortunate development. On the other hand, if it stops Sen. Tom Coburn from claiming there’s no such thing as global warming, maybe it’s not so bad. -2

Mt. Temporary: Regular storefronts sometimes feel too stolid, too permanent. A new Temporium on Mt. Pleasant Street won’t suffer from that same problem; the arts space will be open for only 24 days over the next two months. Funded by the District government’s Office of Planning, it’s a follow-up to last summer’s Temporium on H Street NE. No truth to the rumor that it’s only a temporary space in order to avoid the complicated neighborhood politics in Mt. Pleasant. +3

Restaurants R Us: It may be news to the New York Times, but the District hasn’t been the culinary backwater folks from other cities like to pretend it is for some time. Esquire is the latest publication to realize that, listing D.C. 8th in a ranking of the country’s 10 best dining cities. Washington edged out Boston and Seattle in the list. And frankly, we’d expect to be able to overtake Houston, ranked 7th, except that as with all such rankings, this one is completely and utterly subjective, and so there’s no reason to expect it to make any sense. +1

It’s the Only Thing: Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars can’t be particularly happy today; the only thing worse than losing a game in week 16 of the NFL season and thereby jeopardizing your chances of making the playoffs is losing that game to the Washington Redskins. No playoffs in store for the Skins, alas, but they still managed a 20-17 overtime win in Florida yesterday, making Rex “Sexy Rexy” Grossman 1-1 as the improbable starting quarterback. At some point yesterday, we believe we heard a TV announcer speculate that the Redskins were actively trying to lose games this year, to improve their position in the draft. Why are we not surprised the team can’t even lose properly? +2

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