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Tipsy Tenth: Ever feel like the drivers around you are incompetent or blind? Turns out, they’re probably just drunk. A AAA Mid-Atlantic survey finds one in ten drivers admits to driving drunk in the last year alone. Since only die-hard drunk drivers are likely to volunteer to a AAA researcher that they’ve done it, odds are that figure is actually much higher. And now, in order to muster the courage to brave the potentially dangerous bike ride home surrounded by drunk drivers, we’re off to start drinking. -3

Baby Boom: The animals at the National Zoo are, apparently, mating like, well, animals. The year’s already seen lion cubs and baby anteaters; now comes word of baby cheetahs. Both Amani and Zazi, female cheetahs, gave birth to cubs earlier this month at the zoo’s research facility in Front Royal, Va. At this rate, zoo officials may have to hand out birth control pills to humans visiting the park, just in case. +2

Shuttle Shuttered: These days on H Street NE, it’s not at all uncommon to see cabs with Virginia plates dropping off fares. Which is why news that the H Street Shuttle is closing down is unlikely to make much of a splash. Sure, years ago, the bars in the neighborhood needed all the help they could get to convince people who didn’t live nearby to venture that way. But now? It only carries about 6,000 people per month, which works out to 200 a day; since the X2 and X9 Metro bus run the same route, the shuttle seems superfluous. After all, some Saturdays, you can find 200 people just waiting in line to get in to some of the bars. +1

Virginia is Not for History Lovers: When a history textbook used in Virginia schools reported the previously unknown fierce loyalty of southern black soldiers to the Confederacy, it apparently set off some alarm bells in the Old Dominion. Educators combed through the text and—surprise!—found more errors, though few of them were quite as glaring as that one. Remember, Virginians: Those who don’t learn the lessons of history are doomed to go through life even more misinformed than most other Americans. Which is pretty misinformed, indeed. -2

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