Jason Chimera photo via PuckBuddys

My friend and hero Craig Brownstein tried to save horse racing, but horse racing didn’t listen. He, with friends, tried to get justice for Robert Wone, but the system let everybody but the guilty down.

Now he’s out to serve hockey. Brownstein and partner Doug Johnson have just unleashed PuckBuddys, a special kind of hockey blog: “For boys who like boys who like hockey,” is its motto.

More of the same from the PuckBuddys’ FAQ:

You ask, we tell.

We like everything about hockey.  The speed, the flash, the unpredictability of a bouncing puck. We like the coaches, the fights, the crowds. But mostly we like the players – their amazing athleticism and physical abilities.  And let’s face it: an extraordinary number of hockey players are simply hot – and that includes every single Cap.”

All of ’em? Even when they’re not wearing teeth?