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Yellow Line to the Urinal: Metro has a series of advertising posters up in stations taking thinly veiled potshots at the New York subway, featuring large photos of rats and saying that unlike “some” subway systems, D.C.’s doesn’t have lots of vermin because our system is nice and clean. But if WMATA officials have plans to put up posters mocking other cities for urine, it’s time to cancel them: An inspector general’s report says train operators are using the “pocket tracks” where trains can reverse direction at Mt. Vernon Square, Southern Avenue, and Grosvenor as lavatories. Remember: Don’t pee on the third rail. -4

Come On In, the Water’s Fine: Chalk this one up as the first win of the Gray administration? The Wilson Aquatic Center was scheduled to be closed from last Wednesday until tomorrow to repair the water-heating system at the pool. Repairs were completed early, though, and the center reopened today. We look forward to receiving mailings in four years from Vince Gray‘s re-election campaign touting his stewardship of the quick repair of the pool. +1

Get Used to Shivering: A few months ago, weather forecasters declared this winter would be a mild one for the D.C. area. Now that winter has actually started, and brought with it an unending spate of abnormally cold days, they’ve decided that might not be right. The revised word is that the cold weather that settled into the region last month will continue until, well, basically until the spring. Feel free to burn meteorological textbooks to stay warm. -2

And Thus Ends, Mercifully, the 2010 Washington Redskins Season: Some features of this year’s edition of the NFL were entirely predictable. Back in early September, for instance, we said the Redskins would finish the year 6-10, even though they’d just opened with a win. Lo and behold, by losing to the Giants yesterday, the team did exactly that. The path to that 6-10 record, of course, was unforeseeable, except maybe for fans of Rex “Sexy Rexy” Grossman who kept Donovan McNabb voodoo dolls handy. The good news? The Redskins won two more games than last year. The bad news? Even playing in the NFC West, where the division “winners” were the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks, the team would have missed the playoffs. Wait ’til next year! -3

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