Who Needs a Vote?: The Tea Party’s rallying cry all of last year was, “No taxation without representation!” So it’s somewhat mysterious that among the first moves the Tea Party-powered Republican House did today was to strip D.C. of the mostly symbolic representation we get for our tax dollars, voting down a resolution by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton to retain a vote in the Committee of the Whole. Hey, at least they’re taking care of the problems facing America by reading the Constitution out loud! -4

The Reagan Era is Upon Us: Speaking of Republicans, the last time the GOP ran things on Capitol Hill, Congress spent a good share of its time looking for things to name after Ronald Reagan, like airports (successful) and 16th Street NW (failed)—and he wasn’t even dead yet. Now that we’re in the 100th anniversary year of the late 40th president’s birth, watch out; random Washingtonians may find themselves renamed Ronald by House resolutions. To commemorate the birthday, the National Archives is putting on an exhibit of Reagan’s rare papers. Er, we mean, the Ronald W. Reagan National Archives. -1

Share This: Back in preschool, it was sometimes tough to learn to share with others; there was always one or two kids who simply didn’t like the idea that everyone could take turns using toys, instead of each getting their own. Evidently, one of those kids, grown up, was in Mt. Pleasant lately. A Zipcar near Mt. Pleasant Street NW and Park Road NW was attacked earlier this week, its windshield bashed in and the Zipcar sign on the nearby curb dented. We just hope former DDOT czar and Zipcar honcho Gabe Klein is on vacation somewhere and didn’t hear about this. -2

Mega Miss: The jackpot climbed to $355 million for last night’s Mega Millions lottery drawing, but alas, the two winning tickets were sold in western Idaho and eastern Washington—the state, not the city. D.C. Lottery officials say the sales generated $200,000 for the city’s general revenue fund, though, and local stores took in more than $33,000 in commissions. A total of 671,451 tickets were sold in D.C. since the last drawing on New Year’s Eve. Better luck next time! -1

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