The Washington Post‘s sports owners digital confab came off this morning as a mostly pleasant but non-newsy affair, unless you consider it non-pleasant and newsy that Ted Leonsis occasionally crosschecked host Mary Jordan with lines denigrating her employer’s current standing. (Leonsis told Jordan he no longer cares what the Post says about him or his teams, as if the paper’s powers of persuasion have disappeared in the new media age.)

Dan Snyder provided my favorite moment.

While mulling the popularity of the Redskins, Snyder told the live and online audience about a conversation during the game in Jacksonville a few weeks ago, in which an employee told him it was just like “a home game” because “45 percent of the fans” were rooting for the Redskins.

Yeah, sounds just like a Redskins home game these days.

And, far as I can tell, Will Chang DID NOT wear his World Series ring.