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Snowed Out: Last winter brought Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, and other catchy nicknames for crippling storms. This winter, so far, is bringing near misses. Today’s forecast “storm” turns out to be more of the same. Even so, the list of “snow”-related school closings grew throughout the day. And District officials used the snow as an excuse to debut a new, heartstring-tugging ad campaign advising residents to shovel, lest they force mothers to push their kids through traffic. Big winner today: Vince Gray, who proved he’s such an effective mayor he can change the weather. Eat your Tweetin’ heart out, Cory Booker! +2

Supreme Meddling: Ever since last March, married couples around the nation have known that the fault for any difficulties or arguments they’re having lies here in the District, where—per the feverish rants of opponents of marriage equality—the very institution is threatened by the law allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed. The last chance to save all those rocky unions could come next week, when the Supreme Court announces whether it will take up the cause that even Republicans in Congress backed off of, and force D.C. to hold a referendum on the marriage law. We think any institution that needs Antonin Scalia‘s help to save it is already in enough trouble. -3

Take That, Cornhuskers: And now for another installment of “Completely Meaningless and Arbitrary National Rankings.” Education Week declares Maryland the best state in the union for public education; the District comes in 50th. But that’s not last place! D.C. beats out Nebraska in the ratings, in which no state actually earned an A grade. We look forward to the sequel to Waiting for ‘Superman’ that focuses on Nebraska, Waiting for Warren Buffet. -1

Planned Obsolescence: It doesn’t feel like all that long ago that the Redskins moved out of RFK Stadium and headed for the greener pastures of what was then known (in tribute to the late Jack Kent Cooke‘s progeny) Raljon, Md. Now we learn that FedEx Field is halfway to extinction. If the District does somehow talk itself into paying for a new stadium for the wildly successful consistently mediocre team, perhaps the facility can be named the Double Your Budget Deficit Fast Dome? -2

Yesterday’s Needle rating: 57 Today’s score: -4 Today’s Needle rating: 53